Team Bammer McGehee Auto Parts Mud Racing

Our partners, McGehee Auto Parts participated in Mud Racing back in June and brought home a little hardware but let’s back up for just a moment…

In a double elimination format, they lost their first race of the day. From that point on it was “Win or Go Home”. They began to work their way through the loser’s bracket one race at a time. Meanwhile, the team that defeated them in the first race was working their way through the winner’s bracket. They met again as winners of their respective brackets but Team McGehee now had to defeat the boys from Alabama twice to take the title. In the first race, Team McGehee literally blew the boys from Alabama out of the water. They jumped out to big lead off the line and never let go. Now, it is winner take all. Team Alabama took the lead from the inside position but had to finish the race strong as Team McGehee made a valiant attack down the back stretch…… and the hardware went to Alabama.

Team BAMMER / Auburn

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