The Golden Paddle

CBCo 174, Oakdale, LA

Nick and his team at store 174 had the largest sales increase over LY. The Golden Paddle represents one team moving towards one goal. When you row a boat if everyone on the boat is rowing at a different pace or a different direction, you will not reach your destination in a timely manner. However, when everyone rows at the same pace and the same direction you get to your destination quicker.
``Congrats to Nick and his team at 174!`` - Tom Singleton


Brandon Bryan’s (Waldron Auto Parts 2613) grandchildren

Brandon’s grandchildren were born Saturday at 25 weeks, due date was originally November.

Short update! Biggest thing I’ve learned so far is that updates will be subjective at best at least for the first few weeks… For a while the girls’ condition can change in an instant… That being said, Audree had a decent night and made some minor improvements while Ava had a couple minor setbacks. Neither has had a drastic change in status nor are either of them anywhere close to being considered out of the woods… Best way to describe their condition at this exact moment is critically stable. Keep those prayers coming, the girls especially still need it constantly! ❤️

We know they have a long road ahead of them and have had people asking how they can help. Prayers are number one of course, but we also have a love fund set up at First Western Bank. Drop it by or mail (PO BOX 238 Booneville, AR 72927) checks payable to LOVE FUND FOR AUDREE AND AVA. There will be many expenses while she is off work and we have no idea how much all of these medical expenses will accumulate ×2.

Thank you so so much. This whole family is so appreciative of all the support right now!!❤
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