November 9, 2020

BTB Babies – Thank You David

What better way to say #BTBFam then a couple of cuties wearing BTB shirts? Thank you David for sharing a few of your granddaughters with us! We hear you have 5 now, we think that's a BTB cheer squad in the making!
November 9, 2020

Todd – 40 Years

Todd, Your contribution to the company is greatly appreciated. I wish you much more success in the years ahead, Happy 40th Anniversary!
November 9, 2020

Jacob Duplechain – 10 Years

Looking back on the year gone by, we couldn’t have done it without you, even if we’d tried. Though your efforts we could never repay, we have this one thing to say: you’ve made all the difference in every way! Congrats on your 10 yr anniversary, Jacob Duplechain!
November 9, 2020

Marie is Retiring from Service Chevrolet After 25 Years

Our friend Marie is retiring from Service Cevrolet after 25 years. We wish you well!